What to expect when you are referred to see a Specialist

Tests and investigations

The specialist will order all of the tests you need and will communicate the results to you,

If you have not heard about your results, please contact their secretary at the hospital.


If the Specialist prescripes a new drug or changes one, they will provide the first prescriptiom, which you might need to collect from the hospital pharmacy.

Sick or Fit Note (Med 3)

If you need to be certified as unfit for work as a result of the treatment provided, the Specialist should issue a sick note when you leave the hospital.

Please ask them if you need one.

Follow up Appointments or Onward Referrals

If you need a follow-up appointment or an onward referral to another Specialist, the hospital will provide this. 

Please contact the Specialist's secretary if it does not arrive in a timely way.

In summary, the Specialist is responsible for:
  • Looking after your test results
  • Providing a prescription when needed
  • Issuing a sick note if needed
  • Providing a follow-up appointmnet or onward referral if needed