Patient Charter


Practice Leaflet

All new patients will receive a copy of the practice leaflet and copies will be displayed and made available at our reception desk.


Surgery Premises

Our surgery will be clean, hygienic and well maintained to ensure that it is comfortable and welcoming for patients and visitors. Our surgery will provide for the disabled and have a clear layout for patients to find their way around. We will conform to the health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of all patients and visitors whilst on our premises and to provide suitable conditions for carrying out treatment.


Patients' Right to General Medical Services

Patients have a right to:

  • To be registered with a General Practice
  • Be offered services and new patient health checks in order to promote health.
  • To be provided with routine appointments with the doctor of their choice within the practice.
  • Be offered telephone advice where appropriate.
  • Have access to an out of hour’s service if in need of urgent attention.
  • To request and be granted home visits if in need of urgent attention and treatment but is unable to attend the surgery for medical reasons.
  • Receive the appropriate medicines
  • Have their medication dispensed by the practice if they are within our dispensing area.
  • Be referred for specialist treatment where appropriate.
  • Request second opinions from another GP if it is agreed with their own doctor that this is suitable.
  • Know that those clinicians and staff members are under legal obligation to keep all information regarding patient personal details confidential, unless instructions are given which override this.
  • Have the right to review their health records subject to the provision of the acts.
  • Choose whether they wish to take part in medical student training or medical research.
  • To make informed choices about treatment.
  • Receive information about their local doctor through the health authority’s local directory.
  • The facilities available to enable confidential discussions with staff.
  • Be able to be chaperoned by a member of staff during consultations.

Complaints, Suggestions and Enquiries

  • Be provided with comment and suggestion forms in the reception area.
  • All constructive comments and suggestions will be given consideration by the practice.
  • Receive a full and prompt reply to any complaints about the practice or the services provided.
  • All written complaints will be recorded and acknowledged with in 3 working days of receipt.
  • Where a complaint is made against a clinician, the opportunity is available to speak with another GP within the practice if requested.

Patient Care

  • To be provided for, with care and courtesy.
  • To be cared for in a non-prejudice environment
  • To have your needs fulfilled as far as is reasonable practicable in a professional, sensitive and caring manner.
  • To be provided with services and staff according to government standards and where possible beyond.
  • Give help and consideration to carers assisting patients into the surgery.
  • Help patients by informing them of any facilities which will help them, with particular consideration to special needs, disabilities and cultural differences.

Changes In Procedures

  • To be informed of any changes within the practice, which may affect the patient.

Repeat Prescriptions

  • The procedures for requesting repeat prescriptions to be explained in our practice leaflet.
  • Repeat prescriptions to be available for collection 72 hours after receipt.


Urgent medical referrals to other health professions to be processed within one working day. All non-urgent referrals to be processed within seven working days from the doctor’s consultation or decision to refer.


Test Results

  • Procedures for gaining test results to be explained in the practice leaflet and result instruction slips to be available at the main reception desk.

Transfer of Medical Records

  • Patient medical notes requested by the health authority will be despatched within 14 working days (7 working days for urgent requests).

Accessing Medical Records

  • Assistance will be given to any patient wishing to have access to his or her own medical records subject to the relevant acts.
  • The patient’s doctor will be available to explain medical terminology within the legal time scales.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • All members of the practice are under legal obligation to respect their patient’s privacy and confidentiality.


With a Doctor

  • Routine appointments will be offered to patients with the doctor of their choice within a reasonable time.
  • Urgent same day appointments will be offered to patients who need to be seen urgently with the Nurse Practitioner or Duty Doctor as appropriate.

With Practice Nurses

  • Routine appointments will be offered within a reasonable time.
  • Urgent appointments where there are not any available will need to be discussed with the practice nurses.

Out of Hours Emergencies

  • An out of hour’s service will be provided through South East Health.
  • The procedure for contacting the out of hours service will be made as simply as possible and can be found in the practice leaflet or by telephoning our surgery phone number.

Home Visits

With a Doctor

  • To be provided with home visits by the doctor if in need of urgent attention and treatment but are unable to access the surgery for medical reasons.

With a District Nurse

  • The district nurse will provide services where appropriate as arranged by the GP.

Waiting Times

  • Surgeries and clinics where ever possible will normally start on time.
  • Patients are expected to be seen within 30 minutes of their appointment time.
  • When a Doctor is called out of surgery the patient will be informed, given the opportunity to make another appointment or alternatively to see another doctor.

Non-NHS Treatment

  • To provide non-NHS services for which a tariff is displayed in reception.
  • To assist patients by completing non-NHS work where possible, only after NHS work is complete.

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • Please provide as much notice as possible if you cannot attend your appointment
  • If you are waiting to be seen as an extra without an appointment please understand that priority will be given to patients already booked
  • Please understand that some patients may need more consultation time than may have been allocated
  • For those patients who are eligible for hospital transport when booking please ensure that you allow at least 48 hours notice
  • Please attend washed and in clean clothes; please remove dirty boots and overalls before entering the surgery.
  • Please refrain from consuming food and drink on surgery premises.
  • Please refrain from using mobile phones on surgery premises
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden on the surgery premises
  • Please inform the surgery of any need, which may require special attention.
  • On discharge from hospital, if you require a doctors visit or medical attention please ask. Please arrange delivery of any discharge letter to the surgery.
  • Please do not ask for a home visit unless it is strictly necessary on medical grounds.
  • Please do not call out of hours unless you have an urgent problem, which will not wait until the next working day.
  • Please allow 72 hours when requesting a repeat prescription.
  • When booking appointments please inform the receptionist of all details relating to the length of the appointment as in some cases extra time is needed.
  • If more than one member of your family requires an appointment please book the appropriate number of appointments.
  • We ask that you treat all the doctors and members of staff with courtesy and respect.
  • You should not expect to be given a prescription each time you visit the doctor. Please remember to check your cupboards before ordering a repeat prescription.
  • If you are unhappy with the services, we would prefer to be informed of any complaints which you have so that we can resolve them. However, you are entitled to leave the practice if you are still unhappy.
  • For test result enquiries please contact the surgery after 2pm Monday to Friday.