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Kent Family website launches 

Parents, carers and loved ones can now get more help and answers to common questions and concerns on the Kent Family website provided by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.
Health visiting, school health, and school-aged immunisation teams have contributed to the site offering useful guidance and support from pregnancy through to the teenage years.
There are resources for professionals working with under-fives and school-aged children and young people. 

Covid and Flu Vaccinations

This season Wye Surgery will be offering all eligible patients the choice of co-administration of the covid and flu vaccinations or flu vaccinations only for those who either do not want the covid vaccination or do not want both vaccinations on the same day.

This Morning(1st September), we will be sending all eligible adults with mobile phones three text messages. The first message will be an explanation text. The second message will be a booking link to book co-administration of the covid and flu vaccinations at Wye Surgery. The third message will be a booking link for flu vaccination only at Wye Surgery.

The surgery cannot offer covid vaccinations only and these will need to be booked via 119 or the National Booking Service. Booking will be available from 18th September and the first bookable clinic at Musgrove will be on the 19th September

The surgery will be closed on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th September(from 1pm) for staff training. We have agreed as a practice that our administrative teams will be best spent phoning our patients that do not have mobiles to book their appointments.

We will contact all of out housebound patients, to make arrangements, as soon as out first vaccines have been delivered.

We do not currently have a delivery date for child vaccines, but expect these to arrive within the next few weeks. We will be in contact with parents/guardians of all eligible children as soon as we have further information.


DNA's are appointments that have been booked, but not attended. These are weasted appointments that could have been offered to someone in need. 

So far in 2023, there has ben a total of 1469 DNA's

This is 1469 appointments that could hae been offered to those who have a genuine healt hconcern.

Wye Surgery will be taking steps to reduce the number of DNA's in the surgery. This may include removing online booking for those who book their appointments online, but do not attend.

It is very east to cancel your appointment. If you have online access, you can cancel your appointment online. You can also call the surgery to cancel your appointment. 

Please cancel your unwanted appointments in good time so we can ensure they are avaialbe for others to use.