GP Appointment Availablity

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday's - 8:30am - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday's - 8:30am - 6pm

Opening times may change during Bank Holidays and National Holidays. See when we are open

How To Book An Appointment?

For non-urgent issues, please follow the guidelines below and choose the right service. An appointment may not be necessary.

This will help us to be more efficient by making an appointment available to you when you need it the most.

You will be given a date and time for your appointment. Our clinical team will try to ensure that you are seen as near to your appointment time as possible. However, please allow additional time in case the clinician is running late. For telephone consultations, you will be booked into either a Morning Clinic or Afternoon Clinic. The Morning Clinic runs from 08.30 to 13.00. The Afternoon Clinic runs from 14.00 to 18.00. You will be called during these time periods.

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Check Your Condition First

Many conditions can be dealt without the need to see your GP.

Condition Checker

Many conditions can be dealt with without the need to see your GP.

You can try a local pharmacy for advice about a range of conditions and we also have lots of self help information. Please try this advice before contacting the Practice.

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Pharmacy & Self-Care

Your pharmacy can advise you on minor illness without the need of an appointment. Please speak to a pharmacist first.


Help and support available from many National and Local Organisations

Visit our Self Help Zone


Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can offer clinical advice, over the counter medicines and their use, to effectively and safely manage a range of minor health concerns. They can also help you to decide whether you'll need to see a doctor. You don't need an appointment and you won't even be asked to make a purchase. Every pharmacy also has a private consultation area for you to talk about your symptoms in private if you prefer.

Locate your local pharmacy

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Book a Routine Appointment

I have a non-urgent problem and would like to book an appointment.

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Urgent but NOT life-threatening

If you feel that your problem is urgent, you should tell the receptionist and every effort will be made for you to be seen the same day.

If the doctor needs to see you in person or you would prefer a face-to-face appointment, we will invite you to come in.

Please help us by telephoning 01233 884 585 before coming to the practice.

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Life Threatening - Go to A&E

If you or someone you know has a life-threatening condition, such as loss of consciousness, a sudden confused state, chest pain, breathing difficulties etc, you should call 999.

Call 999 or Go to A&E now if:

  • You or someone you know needs immediate help.
  • You have seriously harmed yourself – for example, by taking a drug overdose.

A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical emergency.

Find your nearest A&E

During your Appointment

Appointments are for a maximum of 10 minutes. Please be aware that this includes the clinician typing up your notes and completing any paperwork. Therefore, you should only raise one issue with the clinician during your appointment. If you ask to discuss more than one issue you may be advised to book another appointment. Please be aware that attending with more than one issue results in doctors running late and appointment times not being met.

Flexible Pre-Bookable Appointments

  • Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays
  • 7 Days a Week

Wye Surgery is part of the Ashford Clinical Providers (ACP) Group, which works together to improve primary healthcare services for patients locally.

To help cut down waiting times we are, as a group, offering extra routine appointments at flexible times and locations across the Ashford area. As a result, you can now pre-book routine appointments with Ashford Clinical Providers healthcare professionals between 8am and 8pm:
For these extra appointment slots, you may be seen at any of Ashford Clinical Providers' local practices - not necessarily at Wye Surgery. But the health professionals treating you will, with your consent, be able to see your full medical records; and your own GP at Wye Surgery will be kept informed.

New flexible appointments are in addition to those already offered by Wye Surgery. 

Please pre-book all flexible appointments through us using the methods listed above or contact our reception at: 01233 884 585.

Find out more using the links below, or by ringing our Reception:

Ashford Clinical Providers Directory of GPs

Free Car Lift Serivce

There is a free lift service available to Wye residents who do not have their own transport. Lifts are available for medical and dental appointments within Wye.

To book a lift please contact Robin Pelham-Reid:

Our thanks go to Robin and all the volunteer drivers who offer this wonderful service to the residents of Wye!